To the following people who made our May shoot a reality, either through financial support or donation of services:

  • Professor Alan Brew at Northland College?and his “Pens and Paddles in the North Woods” students: Abby, Elise,?Katherine,?Matt, and Maureen.
  • My crew: Josh Borchardt, Nathan Oliver, and?Brad Studstrup, who volunteered their time and hard work.
  • Steve Piragis of Piragis Northwoods Company, for donation of canoe rental, paddles, PFDs, bear can, and generous discount on purchases.
  • Greg Seitz and Paul Danicic at?Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, for their endorsement, encouragement, and financial support.
  • Ann Schwaller and The US Forest Service, for letting us shoot inside Superior National Forest!
  • Byron and Alis Olsen, Steven Scollard, Bob Countryman, Mark Nolan, Jeffrey Anderson, David Roloff, Hans Gregersen, Thomas Warth,?Rocky Barker, Chris Jensen,?Carolyn Sundquist,?Mark Knox,?Hank Roberts,?Sharon Kaufman,?Tom Pinkerton, Timothy Fie, and others who wish to remain anonymous, for financial contributions.

Look for footage from this important section of the film soon! ?And thank you, thank you, thank you all who helped make it happen.


"Pens and Paddles" class in the BWCA



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08 2011

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    Congrats on what sounds like a great trip! We’re looking forward to seeing the footage.

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