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I had a request from Greg Seitz at Friends Of the Boundary Waters Wilderness for some footage for a video piece he was putting together with people talking about why the BWCA is so important to them ? which I was happy to oblige ? so I put together a sequence of shots for him from which to?select. ?Of course I couldn’t resist putting some music underneath the shots ? which are pretty randomly cut with no regard for timing ? music I will probably use in the film. Shortly after that, a producer from CBS Evening News contacted me (Greg had put him in touch) looking for some HD footage of the area for a piece he was doing on the sulfite mining controversy. ?He was extremely complimentary and enthusiastic about the quality of my work. ?He used the footage and it aired last Friday, but?unfortunately?for the web version?he had to re-edit the story using?his own footage (you can watch it here, sans my footage; it’s about five minutes into the show). ?Regardless, we’re glad to see the issue getting some national coverage. ?I was paid a modest fee for the footage which I am happy to be able to put back into the production fund. ?Here’s the sequence I gave for them to choose from:

Some folks have suggested they would like to hear more natural sounds and less music. ?Please be assured that there will be plenty of “nat sound,” as we call it, in the final film. ?The camera I filmed the above shots with does not have sound recording capabilities built into it, so for the nature shots I generally do not roll sync sound. ?But we have recorded many gigabytes of natural sounds on our trips with a separate, professional audio recorder using some very sophisticated microphones. ?And will do more! ?Thanks for your thoughts, as always, and support.

Post script:

I just heard from Alberto Moyas, the CBS producer of the story on sulfite mining. ?He says that at the last minute his senior producers decided they wanted him to re-cut the story, shorten it, and ?shoehorn? it into a larger segment about mining jobs. ?The controversy of the issue was largely excised from the story ? in fact sulfite mining is never specifically mentioned. ?The conflict between the?tourism (Boundary Waters) and mining industries was barely touched on. They still used my footage but only a couple of shots. ?Alberto has since approached the network about airing the original, longer story on the CBS Weekend Evening broadcast this coming weekend. I will post something when I know more.

Alberto’s a great guy ? he went to Macalaster College and ever since has had an affinity for all things Minnesota, and takes any opportunity he can to spend more time there.

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