Canoe paddle salad tongs, of course

My friend Dick Haskett, a very handy woodworker, came up with the idea to make a set of salad tongs in the likeness of a pair of canoe paddles. It was like this little revelation: you think, “well duh, someone must have done this already.” Something you feel like you’ve already seen, and grasped – but you haven’t. It’s just so natural that it seems familiar, even though it’s brand new.


Paddlecraft from Interstate Films on Vimeo.

He offered that single set at the silent auction for our fundraiser in the spring of 2010, and it was probably the most popular thing there. When I asked him about the possibility of making them in some quantity to help raise money for the project, he tinkered around in his wood shop up on the farm in North Branch Minnesota and finally came up with the idea to cut ‘blanks,’ which could then be crafted into paddles using a variety of tools, and hand sanding. I helped him out a bit and we managed to push out another half dozen sets, and I think they’re pretty damn nice. And we will make many more, if people want more. I am asking for $100 contribution toward the project for this premium. I know – no one needs a pair of canoe paddle salad tongs that badly. You have to want to see this film get made too. Thanks.

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09 2012

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  1. Nathan Oliver #

    Very enjoyable pacing, music, editing; an entertainingly quick 5 minutes.

  2. Peter #

    Thanks Nathan! But there really oughta be a shorter version…

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