100 Miles in The Singing Wilderness

This morning Josh Borchardt set out on a solo expedition through the Boundary Waters Wilderness to raise money and awareness for our film. Josh has helped out as a guide on two of our previous shoots and has proved himself to be an irreplaceable member of the crew. Josh will be out in the wilderness for about ten days by himself, experiencing the silence, solitude and wonder of the wilderness, made that much more wild by winter.

You can follow his movements live via GPS Spot tracker:

Day 1


As of about 3 p.m today you can see that Josh has reached his planned base camp on the eastern shore of Horse Lake. Tomorrow he plans to head up the nearby Horse River toward Basswood Falls, along the Canadian border. Here’s a map of his planned route:


Note that he is starting near the center of the map, entering at Mudro Lake, heading up the Horse River to Basswood, doubling back and finally coming out at Fall Lake.

Please consider supporting Josh in his cause by making a donation toward the production of “The Singing Wilderness” and click on one of the donate links to the right. Click on the IFP logo to make your contribution tax-dedictible – it’s the end of the year after all. Josh and I thank you for your support!

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