This film is very much a work-in-progress, funded out-of-pocket up to this point. In order to finish I’m going to need to raise a lot more money, which I will do through a combination of grants, corporate gifts, more fund-raisers and finally, online donations. I’ll never do it without your help, so thanks in advance, and please help spread the word.

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And if you would like more detailed information about the project, a look at the production budget, proposal, or business plan, contact me.


If you have stories about Sigurd or a wilderness experience that changed you somehow and you’d be willing share it on camera, or if you know anyone you think should be interviewed for the film, leave a comment below and I will get back in touch with you, or contact me.


If you have services, equipment, or anything else you think might aid in the production of this film, please let me know.

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  1. Joshua.Borchardt #

    Fall 2008, as a student majoring in Biological Sciences, I wen to my advisor: Gary K. Clambey (Ecologist) to question him about books to read (As I was a freshman at North Dakota State University). Gary said to read from Sigurd Olson. So, after some research, I picked out one of his later books “Open Horizons.”

    Read it in 3 days! Couldn’t put it down, and after looking at Olson’s literary illustrations, I began to look at the Wilderness in a new light. Olson’s word choice, and unbelievable descriptions of Nature and its beauty, rival that of any other Nature writer: Muir, Leopold, Thereau, Emmerson. To which I would say Olson’s only rival would be that of Aldo Leopold, a fellow Wisconsian…similar to that of John Muir.

    Every time I am out in the woods now, on a lake, flyfishing the north shore, or any other outdoor activity, I take the time to appreciate the imagery, and the beauty of all that surrounds me. Without a doubt, Sigurd Olson’s books have changed my life in a way I wish all people could experience. A silence I now hear with new music, orchestrated by Sigurd Olson’s beautiful life and words.

    I am very eager to see your documentary, if you need any help, feel free to notify my via e-mail.

    Best regards,


  2. Peter #

    Joshua thanks for expressing your enthusiasm for Sigurd’s writing and the positive effect it’s had in your life. I feel the same way: whenever I read him I go to another place ??not just the geographic or aesthetic space he is describing, but a different place in my soul. I would definitely encourage you to read, if you haven’t already, the stalwarts of his canon, “The Singing Wilderness” and “Listening Point” as well as “Open Horizons” ? a story I think would make an amazing feature film… I will get in touch.

  3. Joshua.Borchardt #

    Thanks Peter. I do a lot of underwater filming and photography too. Although that website hasn’t been updated in many years. Need a new camera angle I’m all ears….

  4. Josh Conway #

    I just want to express my excitement and thanks that you are creating this film. The most recent shots are subjectively original, especially when the canoe is flipped back over after a portage and the reflection of the water is surreal. Really fantastic product. I found Sigurd on a library shelf on the shore of Moosehead Lake in Maine when guiding a summer between whitewater and flat, living the dream. The similarity between how he describes the experience and reality is yet to be countered. I am now waiting for a similar writer to reveal themselves. I don’t know what will come of this film but good things. In these days of needed wilderness awareness, clearly you are doing your part.


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