Latest footage highlights:

More wilderness footage from “The Singing Wilderness”

Some highlights from our most recent shoot

Excerpt from the work-in-progress

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  1. cgayre #

    Who is the artist and what is the song title for this clip? Amazing.

  2. Peter #

    Glad you like the music ? it’s immensely important to me. The first piece is by my friend and colleague Josh Heineman who does a lot of scoring for the likes of Nat Geo TV, among other things. He had actually composed this for another documentary and when the rights reverted to him he generously allowed me to use it. The second piece is by a brilliant artist from Minnesota named Steve Tibbetts whose music has inspired my filmmaking for 25 years. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever hear anywhere else. This piece is called “Big Idea” and it’s from a record entitled Big Map (you usually find his CDs in the jazz section of what few record stores actually still remain in existence).

    Steve Tibbetts’ website

  3. Dave #

    So, are you still producing this video? What do you think it would take to finish?

  4. Peter #

    Hi Dave,

    I am definitely still producing this! I just edited together a new sequence, the opening of the film which is a cinematic interpretation of Olson’s essay “Silence”. I am waiting to put it online until I launch the next fundraising campaign, which will happen soon. I have a budget for finishing the film, but I’ll e-mail you privately with that if you don’t mind. Thanks for your interest.

    Peter “no relation to Sigurd” Olsen


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